Legal Fee Analysis and Auditing

Litigation and dispute resolution often involve the analysis, apportionment, or complete shifting of responsibility for attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in a dispute. Vanst Law LLP’s partner Jacqueline S. Vinaccia has built a niche practice assisting clients all over the country reviewing, analyzing, and auditing attorneys’ fee invoices for recovery and allocation. She maximizes efficiency by employing auditing database software and leverages the combined legal experience of the firm to assist clients in allocating, shifting, and containing legal fees and costs in all dispute scenarios.

Legal Fee Disputes

Contractual disputes, various statutory schemes, and insurance related disputes often allow for prevailing party recovery of attorneys’ fees and costs. These situations can include claims that the fees and costs incurred by the prevailing party were not reasonable and necessary or that they were not incurred to prevail on the contractual dispute. Vanst Law LLP’s audit team reviews attorneys’ fees and cost invoices and provides an opinion on to appropriateness of the charges, and the allocation of those charges between recoverable and non-recoverable claims.

Litigation Support

Litigation involving issues regarding appropriateness and allocation of attorneys’ fees and costs often requires the assistance of expert witness opinion and testimony. Ms. Vinaccia has provided opinions to assist several courts, arbitrators, and mediators throughout the United States to resolve these issues. She has also provided deposition and trial testimony in both state and federal courts regarding her analyses.