Litigation can be a stressful and expensive process. Successfully resolving conflict between two parties takes specific skills and experience to reach a favorable outcome for everyone involved.

Vanst Law LLP’s attorneys thoroughly assess the best litigation strategy for each client’s situation and implement the strategy with understanding and compassion. Conflict is never easy and so our litigators communicate consistently with clients and opposing counsel each step of the process to ensure resolution is reached quickly and efficiently. Vanst attorneys provide litigation assistance before judges, juries, mediation, trial and appellate courts. Count on Vanst to help you obtain the results you desire and deserve


Mediation is the voluntary process to resolve a dispute prior to trial and sometimes even prior to filing a lawsuit. The litigators at Vanst analyze the case and help the client choose the best neutral arbitrator to assist the parties in reaching the best settlement before engaging in protracted and expensive litigation.


Arbitration can save clients thousands in legal fees and costs because it is a less formal, and more streamlined, version of trial. The parties usually choose between one and three arbitrators and try the case to the arbitrators rather than a jury. Vanst attorneys skillfully recommend the best arbitrators for the case and present the case to the arbitrators.

Civil Trials

Trial is the most arduous part of litigation. Parties often want their “day in court” without fully appreciating the mental and emotional strain of trial. Vanst litigators are experienced trial lawyers who have tried cases before judges and juries, and who are experienced an assisting the clients weather the process with compassion while competently presenting the client’s case.


Sometimes trials result in an outcome no one predicted. When the losing party does not believe the outcome was fair or just, an appeal of the verdict may follow the trial. Vanst litigators have written and argued several cases before the court of appeal. And our litigators are prepared to help the client find the right appellate specialist if necessary. When an appellate specialist handles the appeal, Vanst attorneys continue to assist the specialist since they tried the case and know the case best.

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