At Vanst Law we pride ourselves on delivering legal services tailored to business owners. Our attorneys possess expertise specific to the demands of California entrepreneurs and work to protect them throughout every phase of business – from formation and expansion to merger and sale. Our partners are specialists in litigation, tax, employment, real estate and general counsel services – meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes and at all stages of growth.



Navigating business tax law is time consuming and challenging. Vanst’s experienced attorneys can make your tax matters as simple as possible.


From business formation to corporate advisory services, Vanst has the experience and knowledge to help you protect your business.


Vanst attorneys thoroughly assess each client’s case, and develop a litigation strategy to effectively resolve disputes with the needs of the business in mind.


Our experienced attorneys can assist with appropriate billing practices and attorney fee audits.


Vanst knows the importance of involving an attorney at the front end of business transactions and compliance issues to avoid the high cost of litigation.


Vanst can help avoid complicated environmental compliance issues and guard against the high cost of litigation or regulatory fines

Elidia Dostal, Partner

Elidia Dostal has two decades of experience as a trusted legal advisor to corporations and entrepreneurs at all stages of their business, From business formations to employment matters to commercial leases and environmental compliance, Elidia guides her clients through business operations and transactions with an eye toward mitigating the risk of litigation, compliance, issues, and regulatory fines. A graduate of Yale Law School and a veteran of Latham & Watkins LLP, Elidia has served clients from a wide array of industries, from retail and real estate to biotech and professional sports. (Read More)

Allison Soares, Partner

Tax Attorney Allison Soares has more than a decade of experience helping business owners navigate the complexities of the tax code. Entrepreneurs and individuals hire her when they are facing audits, collections and international compliance issues. She is fluent in federal, state and local tax regulations and has successfully engaged with auditors at the IRS, FTB and EDD and the CDTFA on behalf of hundreds of business owners. Ms. Soares brings to bear not only her legal and negotiation experience, but her balance sheet acumen. She has a JD and Master of Laws in Taxation as well as an MBA in Forensic Accounting. (Read More)

Jacqueline Vinaccia, Partner

As a trial lawyer, JacqulineVinaccia is a powerful advocate and skilled negotiator. With more than three decades of experience trying cases in front of judges, juries, and arbitrators, she understands how to craft an effective litigation strategy tailored to her client’s needs. Business owners, local government leaders and corporate executives engage her to efficiently and effectively resolve their legal disputes – in and out of the courtroom. As an attorney she takes pride in protecting her client’s assets and their time. Ms. Vinaccia has also developed a niche practice as an Attorney Fee Auditor, saving and recovering millions for her clients at every level of litigation. (Read More)