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Erik Greupner

San Diego Padres

" I highly recommend Elidia for any general counsel or business that is looking for top-notch outside counsel to handle a wide array of matters. I have worked directly with Elidia for the last several months and have been thoroughly impressed by her legal skills and ability to handle a wide range of matters. "

Raymond E. Brown

Partner at The Aguilera Law Group, APLC

I’ve called Jacquie Vinaccia as an expert at trial regarding attorney fee auditing at least six times, three times in bench trials and three times in jury trials.  Jacquie has testified generally as to the categorization of various fees, specifically whether they were related to the defense of an insured or a specific subcontractor.  She has also testified on at least a couple of occasions challenging the reasonableness of fees.  Obviously, the reason we keep calling her is that in every instance Jacquie was very well prepared, came across personable and authoritative, and the trier of fact accepted all of her conclusions over those of the other side’s competing experts.
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Amanda Allen

Trails Law Group

" Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an MCLE presented by Ms. Vinaccia on Legal Billing and Ethics. Her presentation style is fantastic because she incorporates her firsthand experience as an experienced litigation attorney and as a fee audit expert witness. I have attended other legal billing seminars and her real-world application sets her apart. She is also on top of new emerging billing trends like flat fees and hybrid billing arrangements. When I need an attorney fee expert witness, she will be my first call. "
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J. Albert Garcia

General Counsel for Allied Trustee Services

" As general counsel for a small company, I oversee matters that we regularly refer out to Jacquie on behalf of our clients and cases on which she directly represents my company. We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship for several years, and I have great confidence in Jacquie’s legal knowledge, as well as her abilities to advocate, negotiate and ultimately obtain consistently excellent results on her cases. "

Sara Esquig

Manager of EHS & Regulatory at Integrated DNA Technologies

" I’ve worked with Elidia for the past eight years and from the very beginning of our professional relationship she has been an incredible resource in a variety of legal and regulatory areas. She has helped us decipher the multitude of city, state and federal laws, rules and regulations we are expected to comply with, including, but not limited to environmental, employment and property law. She can always be relied on to provide clear, timely and concise answers to whatever questions we ask and she follows up promptly to ensure all parties have the correct information. She presents material in an intelligent, thoughtful and detailed manner and has always provided us with exceptional support and guidance. She is smart, organized and dedicated. It has been a sincere pleasure to work with Elidia and I highly recommend her. "

Heather Cox

Business Continuity & Enterprise Risk Management Professional

" Elidia has proven time and again to be a valuable asset for me and my employer. Her expertise in environmental law is impressive, and the level of professionalism she provides is unmatched. Elidia is a pleasure to work with, easily breaking down complex regulations into terms even a layperson can understand. I have outsourced regulatory compliance issues to Elidia for more than five years, in large part due to the personal attention she gives her clients and the quality of service she provides. "
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Doug Wood


" Allison has expert knowledge of the tax code that allows her to counsel clients regarding various taxation issues including tax liability and IRS representation. She possesses excellent communication skills that allow her to convey the complexities of the tax code in a manner that can be easily understood by the client. She also is an unrelenting worker and diligently represents her clients to the highest level. Additionally, she is a fantastic mentor who shows a genuine interest in assisting and teaching those under her supervision. Allison is a terrific client advocate and a knowledgeable attorney-at-law. "

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